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Rainbow’s End Featured on BELMONT LIVE

Rainbow’s End Racing Stable LLC is the culmination of a lifelong love affair with thoroughbred racing.

Mike Iannaconi and Bob Scavetta were brought together by a business partnership and discovered that they had a shared love of the sport.

Mike and Bob had been involved with various racing partnerships over the years and after a few informal discussions, they decided that they wanted to do something together; something a bit different and, hopefully, something a little better than the standard fare. 

Recognizing that it’s all about the journey and the total ownership experience, they decided to offer a fully transparent, open and honest partnership - a partnership dedicated to the true love of thoroughbred racing and of the history of the game.

Mike and Bob made the decision to step outside of the typical operating mode for a thoroughbred syndicate and elected not to take any fees of any kind for the first four years of operation. 

In addition, Rainbow’s End does not mark-up the price of a horse prior to syndicating it to its partners nor do we surcharge any of the related monthly expenses. 

As the founding partners and major investors in Rainbow’s End, Mike and Bob proudly take an ownership interest in every horse – believing that if the stable does well, they will do well right along with their partners.

Rainbow’s End is dedicated to providing regular communication to our partners.  In addition to updates on the horses in our stable, we also provide information on horses that we are looking to acquire; details on that selection process; information on upcoming races; training reports and important industry information related to the Sport of Kings.

Monthly financial statements are provided to each partner detailing all income and expenses for the period.  In keeping with our goal of full transparency, the books and records of Rainbow’s End Racing Stable are available for review by any partner, at any time.

We are delighted to assist partners who wish to maximize their ownership experience by obtaining their ownership credentials. 

Some of the perks that come with obtaining your credentials are free clubhouse admission to all the NYRA tracks, free parking in the owner’s lot, a free race day program, access to the stable and training areas, paddock admission, seating in the owner’s boxes and hopefully, a few trips to the Winner’s Circle!

Many of our partners have come to appreciate that there are few experiences more enjoyable than visiting the barn area, followed by a stroll to the training track to witness the “ballet” performed each morning by these magnificent equine athletes.

Rainbow’s End wants to see its partners embrace the lifestyle and to truly experience all the thrills of ownership.  There is no better way to maximize that experience than to join us on RACE DAY to see our horses run.

Our partners know that there is something special about gathering in the paddock before our race to see our horse up close; to speak with our trainer and the jockey, and then, hopefully, make a short walk to the Winners Circle!  As we’re fond of saying…it never gets old.​

Few settings compare to the serene, park-like atmosphere of beautiful Belmont Park during the spring and fall championship meets – or soaking in everything that makes historic Saratoga a unique experience for those forty magical days in July and August – and then carrying that year-long excitement through to Aqueduct for the late fall and winter meets.

Bob and Mike recognized that the selection of a trainer was one of the most important decisions they would make.  After a careful vetting process, they chose Tom Morley, a gifted and dedicated individual – and an incredibly knowledgeable horseman. To learn more about Tom and his team, visit the TRAINER section here on our website.

We do everything possible to ensure that our partners are excited, engaged and enthusiastic about the opportunities that thoroughbred ownership offers.  Mike and Bob are happy to make themselves available to speak with individuals who are interested in learning more about Rainbow’s End Racing Stable, LLC.

How We Chose Our Name

“You’ve got to be nuts to be in the horse business, he thought.


You find yourself talking to animals. 


You find yourself trusting in destiny. 


You find yourself believing in glory.


You feel yourself close to the secret to immortality.


You shut your eyes and one vision dominates –


that huge conquering move that sweeps you to the finish line in a thunder of pounding hooves.

You’ve been swept to the


From The Book Dead Heat,

By William Murray


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